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Die mold Tool - Die-Mold has evolved to address the Global market needs of a progressive group of "Plumbing & Fitting" manufacturers.
Our mission of "value by design" and "market advantage by better tooling" is even more topical in an incredibly competitive worldwide market. Once Die-Mold takes ownership of the project, our customers rest assured that the only limiting factor in terms of bulletproof mold performance is "when will it be delivered". With 41 years of experience and commitment, DMT always delivers on customer expectations!


Low Cost Injection Molding - Plastic Injection Molding - Low Cost Injection Molding is a manufacturing process that runs at least a full 8 hour shift per day with no people staffing. Just automation, robots and good planning!
Why is this important to you? Lower operating costs translate into lower plastic part costs! It’s as simple as that. We have worked hard at refining this major cost savings. The initial catalyst was to eliminate China’s molding advantage which is “low labor costs”.Our Lights Out Injection Molding methodology significantly reduces labor costs, making us highly competitive for injection molding in the United States and Canada.



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