EasyKlip® Retailers


"Product of the Year" at the ABTT Trade Show, London England.

EasyKlips Mini and Midi clips offer retailers a great opportunity to increase profits via increased sales opportunities.

Displayed in the camping, gardening, household, automotive and marine sections of retail establishments, EasyKlip® provides multiple opportunities for retailers to locate this product for high volume sales.

EasyKlip® Counter Display

Given EasyKlips price point, the Mini and Midi clips can also be ideally located on end skews or as an impulse item along the check-out asle.

Tarp Clamps Tarp Clamps Tarp Clamps
  • Unique patented clip product, with no competitive equivalent
  • 100's of leisure, garden and home uses
  • Proven sales record in European retail DIY/gardening, camping/outdoor, marine and 'television shopping' sector
  • EasyKlip® Mini, Midi clips available in retail P.O.P packaging
  • Optional, 'eye catching' counter display pack
  • Quick delivery
  • No tools needed
  • Instant grip up to 220lbs!
  • The heavier the load - the greater the grip of the clip.
  • Reusable / Relocate as required
  • Apply with one hand operation
  • Takes thick fabrics / up to 6mm [1/4"]

For Retailer Inquiries please contact
Michael Fox
Director of Sales and Marketing
(440) 364-3783

Tarp Clips, Tarp Clip, Tarp Clamps, Tarp Fasteners, Clips Grip



tarp clip
    tarp clip tarp clip tarp clip

EasyKlip® Midi clips are available in Counter Displays of 48 upc labeled clips,  Blister cards of 4pcs.  Mini clips are available in blister cards of 6pcs.  BannaBungee™ are blister carded in packages of 4 and 2.  Coming soon new Bi-Lingual Language (French/English) for Canada.

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