HandAll – Heavy Duty Bag Grip

HandAll allows you to grab pet food, charcoal, grass seed, ice melt, bark mulch, potting soil, and more to easily carry the bag. Ideal for homeowners that are into DIY and also for landscapers and contractors.

Perfect for Tarps!

The Midi is the strongest clip on the market with it’s patented wedge design. It holds up to 220 pounds and grabs anything up to 1/4″ thick. Ideal for tarps when the grommet fails or you need to grab the tarp where a grommet isn’t located.

Banners and Signs

The Mini is ideal for banners and signs. It’s slim lightweight design grabs the corners of banners and signs securely and is strong enough for areas with high winds.

Camping/ Outdoors

Our Midi clip is great for securing camping tents. Secure the tent to nearby tree branches or any other anchor point. The clips can also be staked into the ground after securing the tent.

Boat/Car/RV Covers

Secure our clips to your cover and leave them on! Simply cover your car/boat/RV/Etc. and secure with rope or bungee cord.

Awnings and Shades

Put shade where you need it and use the clips to secure the awning or shade into place. Keep cool on those hot summer days and protect you and your family from the sun.

Bungee Cord

Our bungee cord is designed to work perfectly with our clips. The looped bungee with 1 stainless steel hook allows for multiple ways to secure the clip to whatever anchor point you are using.

Bungee & Accessories

New Bungee’s added May 2021!

New Product

It’s here!


Unique gripping action

The harder the pull, the tighter the grip. Instead of pulling off when the load gets heavy, EasyKlip® actually clamps down harder, for unmatched holding power


Up to 5X stronger than the rest

Its unique grip enables EasyKlip® to secure much heavier loads than other clips


Clips anything, anywhere

Plastic sheet, fabric, netting or board, hemmed or non-hemmed, edge or midpoint – EasyKlip® fastens tight without tearing


Easy on. Easy off.

Fastens in seconds and detaches only when you want it to with the twist of a coin. Buy one now, find a retailer near you, or contact us for more information.

Featured Reviews

“These are by far the best tarp clips I have found. The rope goes through both halves and the tighter you pull, the tighter it grips the tarp. No other design does this. They are very simple to attach and just as easy to release. I highly recommend them.”

“I got these to hold down tarps while camping, and for holding up fabric wall and window decorations without harming the fabric. They are tough but gentle and do not harm the tarps or even the most delicate fabric.”

“These little gems are the PERFECT solution for hanging banners, securing small tarp covers, or any kind of material you don’t want to perforate for grommets. I’ve used them to hang large printed signs and banners, and to stretch large pieces of white spandex to serve a video projection screens.”