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‘These hold fast!’

I met the guy who invented these clamps several decades ago at a wholesaler’s show. I bought a hand full of them and used them on tarps to cover firewood and loose dirt/mulch piles. They are still working great.

It wasn’t until I recently found them on Amazon that I got more. Before this, I used three other makes of clamps on my swimming pool cover that didn’t work. These couldn’t hold onto the cover.

I attached the EasyKlip’s to my bubble wrap thermal cover and tie them off on a spool to roll up the cover. They work PERFECT! They hold firmly to the cover.

The Klips that I’ve been using for 25 years on my tarps have never let go. My tarps have ripped and shredded in high winds but the Klips have always hung in there.

These are the best! Period!

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